Often, it is considered that dads have a very small role to play when it comes to nurturing a newborn baby, since they’re mostly dependant on a mother’s breast milk and as surveys would have it, most Dads can’t deal with the baby squealing.

Of course, that’s not entirely true 100% of the time, and in today’s day and age, Dad’s are becoming more and more relied upon and involved in nurturing a newborn baby. So, Dad’s shouldn’t be forgotten either. Dads are more than that and should have their fair share of limelight too. Today, we are going to reveal some of the best dad to be gifts that will suit all budgets and will help daddies to get accustomed to “fatherhood.”

Monitor Your Baby

Often, during relaxing hours a parent can tend to disremember the baby or can get distracted by TV. So sometimes when you are almost uncertain whether your baby is sleeping soundly in the nursery or not., you can use a useful device to help you without even moving your seat.

For such occasions, the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is one of the very handy new daddy gifts not only to check your baby, but to zoom in on your baby to find out exactly how they are doing. Men absolutely love gadgets and when it comes to babies, they will absolutely love receiving this gadget to work out!

This product is the No: 1 Bestseller out there, plus you can hear the sound of your baby,which trust me is extra comforting, if you’re seriously concerned what he/she is up to. You have the ability to change the lenses, which is another cherry on top.

An Ode to the New Dad

Daddies are often disturbed with the arrival of a hunk-a-chunk baby because they also have to deal with sleepless nights, baby crooning and rollercoaster moods, which can really affect the ambience of their life. It is always better to opt for something that will liven up their mood.

I absolutely love this idea and if my husband that has a friend that will be a new daddy or if your husband is going to be a dad soon, consider giving them The Man Can All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set to remind that they need pampering as well. It’s an excellent and affordable idea that probably no-one else will think of! This gift will inspire the new daddies to snag some time for themselves and indulge themselves in some cosseting.

Get to Work

Often, the arrival of a new baby implies that dad will have to pull back his sleeves and get the nursery ready, which consists of creating some handy wooden items or assembling the baby’s cot. Without a good tool kit, the work won’t guise perfection and it is your duty to put a professional smile on the daddy’s face with Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit. This is a bestseller product and contains all essential tools that must be on hand in every household. This kit has earned tons of great praise and seemingly, its reliability cannot be doubted.

Take Time for Entertainment

After the baby is on a snooze, dads will wish to catch upon some of their favorite movies or television shows for some entertainment. In such cases, you can give them DVD Box sets, so they can leisurely watch the kind of movies they like but you must keep their favorites in mind. We feel that a man never says “no” to watch films involving action and adventure, that is why we picked The Dark Knight Trilogy. This is a complete set of Batman movies and we are sure the receiver of this gift will be genuinely delighted!

The Hour of Forgetfulness

Remember how I told you that guys just love gadgets? Well this one is another winner!

Regularly, we go through times when we forget how much time elapsed since changing the baby’s diaper, even nap and feeding as well. I remember the times I would leave the house for only 1 hour leaving my husband responsible for the baby. The only instrution I would give him is to remember the time the baby woke up or how long our baby fed for.

On returning home, he never remembered anything and I had no times to gauge off for the next sleep or feeding time.

The Pocket Nanny By Itzbeen Personal Baby Care Timer has an ideal size to fit into your pocket and a wonderful memory to keep you on your toes when it approaches to fulfilling crucial baby duties. Not only this device retells the hours when the baby wasn’t looked after, but it also saves you from unnecessary and frustrating baby tantrums. With this, the new dads will be ahead of their chores and will be able to enjoy plenty of free time as well, once the baby will be satiated and at ease.

Work with Comfort

Some days, dads just want to strip off their work clothes and desire to don something that would look nice but would feel like walking in a pair of luxury bedsheets. Enters the Hanes Men’s Solid Knit Pant which is a bestseller product for new dads and will make one of the perfect gifts for expecting dads. It feels really lush on the skin and the texture itself motivates one to hang around the house and look after the baby. Come on, be a cherry and include one in the new dads’ gift list, which will prove to be a hit with the new dad as well.

Play It Smart

When daddies are playing with their baby on the floor or are about to lean down, the matter of bulky wallets comes into play and it feels that the wallet will come bursting out of the pocket. Heavy wallets necessitate dads to put aside that load and then play with their babies. Instead you must give them a wallet sleeve like the A Luxury Slim Leather Wallet for Men which looks stylish as ever and forces dads to limit their essentials and save the day with no more bulkiness. This item doesn’t only make the life organized but keeps one from unnecessary stocking.

Clean Quickly

Sometimes, daddies have like 5 minutes to clean up the mess the baby has created and for that occasion, you need truly quick fixes. The Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum comes in handy as it is petite in size, easy to carry and doesn’t have that heavy bag attached. Simply plug it on and zoom pull in all the mess. It is a little powerful device and mommy will be happy to see that daddy has everything spick and span. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy!

Keep the Baby Food Happy

The best gift for new dad from a wife can be something for keeping the baby’s food warm and at times cold toobut with the THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar, you are the one to determine the temperature of a certain food item. This bestseller product is very unique and will be convenientat in a lot of occasions. It just makes it simple for you to fill, eat from and clean. Even if you add both cold and warm items, its well-insulated body will keep your food items on the correct temperature. A wonder, isn’t it?

Manage Yourself and the Baby

Now, both the daddy and baby can have fun in the same place, on top of that the daddy will get to supervise the baby too. To create this kind of atmosphere, what you need is the Winsome Wood Baldwin Lap Desk with Flip Top Bamboo. Basically, it is an all-rounder when it comes to feeding your baby and doing your work in unison. You can place it on your lap, flip the desk, add some things in the little drawer at the side and can put your laptop on the desk as well.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you craft out your little gifts for new dads and keep in mind that each product listed here is super useful, so think and plan judiciously. With these, we are pretty sure the new dad will be ecstatic at receiving any of these.

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