From early morning squeals to late night cries, a new mommy has no way to escape the experience of it all. No doubt, the first few months of “mommy in action” are full of emotional ups and downs, so if you are a new momma, you deserve something new and shiny. If not, are you want to spoil a special new mom, you need to gift them a unique and thoughtful gift that will be handy for them, just as much as for their newborns.

As a mom myself, check below to see my top picks on gifts for new moms.

A Nursing Pillow

The Bare Naked Boppy Nursing Pillow has an ergonomically friendly shape that will allow new moms to easily feed their child and, on top of that this pillow won’t give body aches as it lets the baby sit in a comfortable position, plus comes as a good product for some napping time as well. It is the perfect product to maintain balance and relaxation without gnawing the baby’s body.

A Changing Bag

Of course, all gift ideas do include a changing bag. No need to buy some cutesy bags, go for the basic colors, especially a black bag like Stokke Changing Bag. Fill it with some must have goodies like baby lotions, pampers and other baby paraphernalia, the mommy will be in cloud nine in no time at all. This bag is not only super-duper spacious but looks equally stylish in hand as well, moreover can be attached with a stroller too. High-five!

Books about Upbringing a Baby

This book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer is truly like a breath of fresh air, which would help any mommy to deal with the problems that come in the early stages of baby nurturing. Also, it assists to unload many of the new mommy’s confusions and apprehensions of raising a child. The book has a genuine advice to provide and any new mom will eventually benefit from it. A must have!

Something Pampering

Now, you don’t really want mom to feel knackered talking all about baby diapers and huggies. You must give this First Botany Cosmeceuticals Coffee Body Scruba try, which is 100% natural and would leave the mum feeling rejuvenated after a tiring day. If the mommy wouldn’t care for herself, how will she nurse the baby? Luckily, this body scrub also eliminates stretch marks and cellulite as well, how’s that?

Stock the Shots

Every mommy desires to stow the snaps of the first stages of babyhood to the ending ones in a beautiful display and the mostseamless gift will be the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame. This photo frame can store upto 20,000 pictures and can be connected to internet, plus other devices like your mobile phone. View as many pictures as you like and relish the snap happy moments every day. This makes one of the finest mum gifts that isn’t just something ordinary that everyone receives, it’s something truly unique that will be cherished everyday.

A Jewelry Piece

Nothing is as precious and thoughtful than a delicate piece of jewelry. The Kendra Scott “Signature” Elisa Gold Ivory Mother-Of-Pearl Pendant Necklace impeccably reflects the beauty of motherhood and the mom herself can casually wear it around as a token of love. The necklace is extremely well-made and has a matchless blend of colors that will put a beam on the new mamma’s face. Well, who can flout jewelry?

A Soft Blanket

Believe it or not, but the nicest thing will be to give the new mom a soft blanket, which she can cuddle up in with her baby and the Utopia Bedding Couch Blankethas the most addictively softest feeling ever. The baby will be soon nodding off while being enveloped in this, as it is enormously luxurious and could be used as a comforter as well, plus it doesn’t disappoint in the looks department. Also don’t forget a soft blanket for the baby also, known as swaddle or muslin blankets.

A Spa Basket

A new mom deserves to scrounge up every last bit of beauty care she can get her hands on and a spa basket will be an incredible gift to enliven her mood. The warm vanilla scent of VERDUGO GIFT CO Spa Basket will enrapture her and will revitalize a new mommy’s entire body, not to mention the “soul” as well. Come on, be a sweetie and care for the new mum.

Cute Baby Booties

Trust me, some cute baby booties for a newborn baby always makes a new mommy’s eyes turn into “heart emojis” and if you want to experience that scenario, try giving the Minnetonka Fring Booties to the honorable mamma and she would scream with delight for the sake of her baby. These booties are incredibly comfy, are stitched to perfection and make a really cute sight to be held.

Warning: Drooling is not allowed while gazing at these. ;-D

BEST GIFT for an Expecting Mom – EVER!!!!!

One of the best gifts is this! I love gifting this for soooo many reasons, for 1) it’s something that they least expect 2) it’s super useful, can always be used no matter what! 3) gives benefits for a whole year long 4 ) it’s a gift that surely no one else will think of! Why don’t upgrade their shopping style and she can truly benefit from the amazon prime membership where you can choose the mom option and the mommy to be can get discounts on baby items, making it really easy for her to purchase items she admires. This gift can prove to be very extraordinary for the mom to be; moreover shecan freely enjoy movies, music and books with the prime membership card.

My Last Words

My mother has always told me that gray and other pastel colors can be really soothing for new moms; furthermore, such colors can impact the mood of a new mother in a jovial way, so that’s my last tip for today. Please if you have any cool and thoughtful gifts for new moms, please leave a comment below! Happy Gifting everybody!

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