So we all know two things; 1) As parents we will be changing baby diapers very very often and 2) we will need a baby changing table. However, that’s not all we will be doing and needing. Apart from the obvious of needing diaper or cloth diapers (whatever you decide), there will be other baby diaper changing essentials that you will need each and every change.

So what are the things that you need whilst changing your baby diapers?

I have handpicked those that might come in handy whilst you slap a fresh diaper on your baby:

Changing Table Pad

This is an inevitable product to have whilst you go down the diaper valley. You don’t want to place your baby at a hard surface. A pad is a must. Summer Infant baby changing pad is a waterproof material that can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth. It comes with a safety belt to see that the baby stays strapped during the procedure. It has a non-skid bottom to ensure the infant stays in place.

Diaper Bag

Baby Changing bags always come in handy during emergencies. This SoHo variant is an 8 pieces set that has compartments in abundance. There are multiple pockets that can be used to store diapers, toys, water bottles, snack and small towels. A handy product for busy moms!

Nursery Organizer

I know how difficult things become when there isn’t a good organizer to keep stuff in place. When things are holed up in right discipline you feel like working too and nothing seems Herculean. This is a changing table organizer that is based on that very principle. With a large diaper storage compartment in the middle, it packs in a wipes warmer shelf with two big storage shelves and 2 shelf cubbies. Plenty of space to keep baby essentials organized!

Changing Topper

The changing table topper is a four sided unit that will easily hold onto your diaper changing pad. Also, if you intend to place it on a dresser it will fit in like magic. Even if you are planning to use it on a desk it will still easily work on it owing to the bottom rubber pads design that prevents it from shifting around. It meets all ASTM safety standards so there is no medical risk of any kind and is 100% safe to be brought into baby environment.

Waterproof Baby Changing Mats

Baby changing shenanigans come attached with one big demerit. Smearing which can’t really be avoided. Use a waterproof mat underneath your baby to ensure that stains do not stay prolonged. Bumud brings to you a set of changing mats with colorful patterns to ensure that delightful vibes don’t cease. Each baby changing mat is wipeable and washable. It comes fully padded that makes for comfortable changing anytime, anywhere. The size is big enough to accommodate your baby. A perfect blend of cotton fiber with a PU waterproof membrane ensures thorough air permeability. It is a great product to have on the go!

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