As an “About to be mum,” you might be confused with the term “swaddling” and you must get familiar with it before your baby comes into this world. Swaddling is basically wrapping up your baby in a snug blanket to keep your child warm and safe. It is a great way to keep your baby from being disturbed and for nursing him/her properly. It stops the baby from making or being startled with his/her own jerky body movements and keeps your child’s reflexes in control. Here’s when “Swaddle Blankets” comes into action.

There are millions of swaddle blankets out there, but not all are created equal. Today, I’m going to share with you, my most trusted brands for purchasing swaddle blankets. Your first priority should be to look for blankets that are very soft, not irritatingly tight and are easy to put on and take off, especially that come with a leg pouch, so you can effortlessly strap in your baby when going for a drive.

There are actually two types of swaddle blankets. The traditional Swaddle Wrap and the Muslin Waddle Wraps. I will only discuss the best of each worth your money below.


Picking up swaddling blankets from the brand SwaddleMe is a pleasure to behold. Each of their swaddling blankets is remarkable and contains leg pouches which are super useful, particularly if you’ll need to strap your baby in car seats, rock n play and swings all day. One of their No1 bestselling products I’ve been trying for a long time is SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 2-PK. This product is absolutely brilliant and contains a leg pouch, providing instant versatility when it comes to handling your baby. I don’t know what’s about this blanket but since its arrival, it has really extended my baby’s sleeping time from 5 to 7 hours, plus in that period the baby slumbers peacefully without any troubledstirrings.


This is a brand which is blindly reliable and trustable. Some of their No1 bestselling items include the HALO SleepSack Cotton Swaddle, which too offers a leg pouch. My baby has the tendency to somehow come out of the swaddles but this one doesn’t allow the baby to easily break free, providing instant relief for me knowing this is no longer the case. This swaddle fits impeccably and doesn’t render the baby feeling fussed or trapped. The fabric itself is very lightweight, is stitched to perfection and as soon as my baby is furled in this product, he nods off in a jiffy, which is a very comforting feeling. I’ve washed this sack numerous times and it’s still holding up wonderfully.

Margaux & May

I’ve bought various Margaux & May swaddle blankets, mainly because they’re Organic, which is something that can prove to be extremely helpful in a healthy growth of your child. One of their most beautiful and bestseller blankets I’ve laid, my eyes upon are Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets. I know these blankets do not provide a leg pouch but the quality of these blankets shadow all others. Their prints are adorable and feel good to be used as cover-ups during feedings or helping the kid to sleep. Also, the cherry on top is that these swaddle blankets are muslin, signifying the fact that my baby will stay cool in summer and warm in winters. Yippee, that’s all you need for a newborn baby.

Ziggy Baby

Products of this brand have been hugely commended and I completely attest to their goodness. It’s not every day that you come upon brands that sell affordable yet amazingly manufactured products. Finding Ziggy Baby was the most blessed thing that happened in my life (isn’t it funny how swaddle blankets can really bring joy to your life once you’ve had a baby). Swaddle Blanket Adjustable Infant Baby Wrap Set is the item I prefer from Ziggy Baby. Not only is it a bestseller but the manner with which it easily attaches to my baby’s body is simply mind blowing. It keeps my child from doing a startle reflex or toying with the blanket unnecessarily. He loves to play in this blanket and dozes off in it tranquilly. If you do not want further sleepless nights, this product is a must have for your little one.

Aden + Anais

Not everything is always about “leg pouches,” because sometimes, your baby just wishes to be wound up in a classic muslin swaddle blanket without feeling contained in some way. The aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket was the first product from Aden + Anais that attracted my eye. As soon as these arrived at my place, I really appreciated the animal designs that were printed on the swaddle blankets, even my baby let out a cheery cackle. The fabric is very breathable, very silky and generously roomy, of course its muslin and you simply can’t get enough of that. My baby feels radiantly happily when I hold him in these and comes handy multiple times as a nursing cover, burp cover, changing pad cover, etc.


It’s not easy to find products that suit your baby needs and wants. As a mother, I have listed some of the best brands here, plus all five of them sell bestseller products. Always remain cautious about baby products, you surely don’t want your baby to get hurt or risk their health from badly manufactured products. Moreover, carry out extensive brand research before buying a product for your little baby.

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