I had never thought I would become one of those internet researchers who keep scavenging the web to find the right stuff. Guess what! Necessity drew me closer to it inadvertently. Now if there is something I need, I would spend hours looking for the thing that meets the perfection spot in my head and then finally scanning it thorough, go for it. With years of experience that I have garnered doing such untiring work, it wouldn’t be wrong to say – I have become a pro.

About Ergobaby

Being a mother of a child who is still learning how to walk, I found myself doing a proper background check on carriers to ensure I could spend more time with my baby. I found an absolutely brilliant site that had downright gorgeous baby stuff. It was a pleasant find and I still can’t stop going gaga about it.


Walking away from the jaws of specific, I decided to explore the website, and I was surprised to find out how fascinating the brand really was. When I read its relatable origin story, it just filled my heart with reassurance. Ergobaby was founded in the 2002, by an unsatisfied mother, just like me who wanted better options for baby carriers. She dug deeper with her creative designer head and came up with a better, comfortable and easy to use design that literally revolutionized the way we used to see baby carriers.

I, at once ordered one to test and boy was I surprised beyond limit! Satisfied with Ergobaby’s excellent product, I decided to surprise my husband too with another Ergobaby products, yes now we have 2 ergobaby carriers, both my husband and I cannot vouch for these products enough.

Ergo Carrier 360

This one caught my eye whilst browsing through the options on their site. It was allowing me to reposition my baby as per my want. There were four ergonomic positions that I could place my baby in which promised to make the motherly world a lot easier and happening. When the lightweight Ergo baby carrier arrived I at once put it to test. I could place my baby in a front-inward carry position, front-outward carry position, hip carry and back carry position. The fact that my baby was always within my reach made it a perfect buy. I could kiss my little Haley whenever I wanted to. She was giggling like anything when I put her in the comfy bag. The Ergobaby360also came with a hood that allowed me to shelter her from direct sun and the relentless wind. My baby suddenly felt lighter which was actually owing to the carrier mechanism that shifts the baby’s weight to your center of gravity. The waistband and padded shoulder straps of Ergo 360 fastened brilliantly. The whole carrier appeared as if made with a very high quality material something that bought me instantly.


When I was looking for a carrier in other brands, I realized I was only able find a carrier that allowed me to either go for a front-inward carry position or a front-outward carry position. That meant I had to buy two different carriers. Just imagine the cost! Pretty happy with my purchase I decided to get one for my hubby. He wants some baby love too.

Ergo Carrier Performance

Ergobaby Performance Carrier was another delightful find. My husband was more than euphoric when the carrier arrived at our home. The lightweight mesh fabric of the ergobaby baby carrierallowed our Hayley to stay cool in it. He would often take her out for a leisurely walk or to the playground to watch her play. Not once has she complained! It allowed him three ergonomic wearing positions which were front-inward, back carry and hip. My hubby told me something about weight getting evenly distributed and that he was having the time of a lifetime with Hayley. He was enjoying every bit of it with the proximity the ergobaby performance allowed.


Now, whenever he is looking for adventure, and wishes to share it with her, he doesn’t hold back from gearing himself up in the ergo performance carrier.

Other enthralling products by Ergobaby

Ergobaby doesn’t limit itself to just carriers. There are other products too that are equally thoughtful and economical. I am planning on getting some more very soon.

Nursing Pillows

Howe How considerate of Ergobaby to have come up with something like that! It literally understood what every mom in the world is going through. The slouching problem! Yes, sometimes it becomes really punishing to do something as beautiful as breastfeed. Often you end up fearing you don’t hurt the baby in the process when your hands get subjected to the constant pain.


Also, sometimes it is hard to figure out what’s the optimal height to keep your infant positioned right, so that you could nurse without any hassle. The nursing pillow by Ergobaby has got you covered. Made with solid foam it has a contour that helps in the proper positioning of baby tummy-to-tummy. It gets rid of the slouching problem once and for all. It provides you an armrest by wrapping around your waist. Also, in case of spills, the internal lining of the pillow comes in handy. Something I really need!


You know how crucial is swaddling for the baby. It helps the baby into getting a proper sleep which is crucial in the initial stages of infancy.A good swaddler recreates a womb like environment something that makes the baby extremely comfortable. Ergobaby swaddlers work on exact principles. The ergonomic design of the swaddler will allow the baby to move naturally. It doesn’t hinder the innate movement of limbs and hips and walk on the standards set by International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Hence, they are 100% safe.


It features an escape proof design that ensures the swaddler doesn’t get dislocated or shift whilst your baby is sleeping.It has genius arm pockets that let you replicate the fetal hand to heart position. Also, features a removable leg pouch that makes diaper change quick and effortless.Its apt hip positioner ensures your baby develops into a healthy child.

Teething Pads

You can’t really help it when your baby goes nom-nom on your carrier straps. Afraid that it might compromise and mess the color and form of your carrier? Well, that’s where teething pads come in handy. Now let them carry on with their nibbling, and let them drool and dribble on it, whilst you get on with the adventure with them.

Weather Covers

If it is too much cold out there, you would want to have this one to wrap your baby warm. What is great that it comes handy during rainy season too, as it lets your baby stay dry. It has an integrated water resistant fleece that complements the carrier perfectly.

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