TommeeTippee baby feeding range

TommeeTippee is one of the award winning brands in the baby products field. The Tommee Tippee brand strives to provide us premium quality baby products with innovative ideas. This is one of the top brands in international markets and truly deserves it’s place here. The colorful and attractive baby products are offered by Tommee Tippee are very much liked by both parents and children.

Although Tommee Tippee do produce quote a range of baby products, we personally believe the brand really shines with the products available for toddlers and children. However, below we provide further details about the complete range of baby products and accessories offered by Tommee Tippee.

Bottle Warmers & Sterizilers

Baby Bottle Warmer

The sleek and stylish TommeeTippee electric bottle warmer fits almost all the bottles and food jars. It heats-up infant food without destroying any of the necessary nutritional benefits of the food such as minerals and nutrients. It’s easy to use with three settings.

Tommee Tippee baby bottle warmer has a built in thermostat that prevents the food from being over-heated. Tommee Tippee insulated warmer portable bottle is also available for travelling parents.

Steam Sterilizers

A one-push button Tommee Tippee Electric steam sterilizer can sterilize 6 bottles at a time. Reviews of the Tommee Tippee baby bottle sterilizer tell that unlike many other top brands this TommeeTippee sterilizer can also sterilize the baby bottles of many other brands and it is a great plus. A microwave sterilizer is also available by TommeeTippee.

Feeding bottles and nipples

Anti-colic bottles & sensitive tummy bottles

Newborns suffer from air problems often, to reduce this problem TommeeTippee offers anti-colic baby bottles. What else can be a Mom’s choice if the baby is crying because of air in his tummy? These TommeeTippee baby bottles that prevent colic come with a special slow flow nipple that is particularly designed for this anti-colic feeding bottle to prevent building the air vacuum.

Feeding bottles

The award-winning closer to nature range by TommeeTippee presents two kinds of baby bottles. TommeeTippee closer to nature Fiesta bottles that are available in many different eye-catching colors. The slow flow nipples of closer to nature Fiesta bottles mimic the breast so your baby feels relaxed while sucking milk.

The other TommeeTippee closer to nature, newborn bottles are transparent and have the same features like the Fiesta feeding bottles. The bend in the structure of the feeding bottles by TommeeTippee makes it convenient to hold and provides strong grip without extra handles.

Fast flow and Slow flow nipples

TommeeTippee nipples come in two types, slow flow 0-6 months and fast flow 6 plus.

Breast Pumps

Manual breast pump


TommeeTippee closer to nature manual breast pump copies the baby’s sucking style by its ripples. This way it stimulates the milk flow. TommeeTippee manual breast pump can easily be used as a portable breast pump because it is light weight and comes in a set with storage bottles.

Single Electric breast pump


The most prominent feature that distinguishs this electric breast pump from the other top brands is its cups flex and that has stretchy texture to fit all sizes. This single electric pump prevents the milk flowing back and that way it saves you a lot of trouble. The BPA and phthalate free material makes it secure and highly safe.

Double Electric Breast Pump

TommeeTippee closer to nature double electric breast pump provides you almost everything in one set, the pump, tubing, storage bottles, a bag to put the bottles in and even nursing pads. You can get the same amount of milk in half the time than single electric breast pump. It comes with 5 settings and you can adjust it to your comfort level.


Nursing pads

TommeeTippee closer to nature nursing pads starter set with 38 disposable pads will definitely help you in the first month where moms are usually so occupied with the baby.

Trainer cups for toddlers

We love the TommeeTippee sippy cup with solid base will help your toddler improve his drinking habits.

Formula dispenser

TommeeTippee formula milk dispenser has a tight lid to avoid spilling the milk in the bag. You just measure the formula milk and put the powder milk in the dispenser and store it for further use.


Baby Monitor

Tommeetippee Closer to nature baby monitor has a very mild night light and very wide range to provide you complete peace of mind. It also indicates when out of range. A great pick if you are looking for a video baby monitor.

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