There’s a reason this mattress is so hot among moms and dads who want to buy organic for their baby, it is a reasonable price for something so high quality.

Made of 100% certified organic cotton and with dual stage firmness, this mattress is the perfect match to grow with your little one. The Naturepedic mattress has a firmer side for infants and a softer side for when they grow into toddlers. The fact that this product can be used for both infants and toddlers really makes it worth the money.


You won’t have to go out and buy a whole new mattress when you convert your crib to a toddler bed, it fits both. Not to mention this is probably one of the most cost effective crib mattresses around with everything that you get for the price you pay for it. Seriously, a great deal.


It’s also waterproof and made so that you can wipe clean any messes that happen on it, and let’s face it, there will be plenty.

Another wonderful thing about this mattress is that it has all the support of a spring mattress without the added weight and it’s made with all natural fibers. It gets its support from something called ‘Wavesupport’, which uses only a little bit of material to do a big job of supporting your baby.

If your baby is sensitive to dust and dander, no need to worry about buying a mattress dust cover as the cover that the mattress already has is waterproof and will protect against dust and mites. In fact, the cover is made of materials that meet food contact standards.

How awesome is that?

Oh, and it looks super modern, it has no seams on the edges of the cover which also helps with keeping it waterproof.

So you might be wondering, if this is made of cotton, isn’t it super flammable? Nope. It surpasses all fire standards without the use of harsh chemicals or polyurethane foam.

Overall, this Naturepedic mattresses has sweeped crib mattress awards for various reasons. Not only loved by parents, but babies, experts and standard checkers too. It surpasses all safety checks which means it’s completely and utterly safe for your baby 24/7.

This crib mattresses is one of the highest quality you can find. If you have read any labels on baby mattresses before (I’d advise you don’t becuase you might get worried) be rest assured that this mattress has absolutely no vinyl, No PVC, No Phthalates, No Lead and No Biocides, , No PBDEs, No Antimony, No Modacrylic, No PAN, No Boric acid, etc.). It does not contain Brominated or chlorinated chemicals, No Coir, No Latex, No wool or any other potentially high allergy materials. And the list goes on…

NO Vinyl/ PVC, phthalates, lead, or biocides

And of course, without a doubt, it’s GREENGUARD certified.

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